Brand Analytics

A Local Look at the Big Picture:


Reputation Monitoring for Brands and Franchises

Welcome to the new way for brands to hear what customers are saying about their individual locations. Listen, gauge, and react to reviews, online listings, and more.

It doesn’t matter how much money a company pours into national advertising campaigns, consumers are still going to judge its brand by how clean the bathroom is at the nearest location.

VendAsta provides the only online reputation and presence management monitoring solutions for large brands with multiple locations. We harness big data to deliver detailed reports on how a brand’s locations are listed in online local search sites, as well as complete review monitoring for each location.

Reputation Management for Brands vs. Sole Locations

When we built our Reputation Monitoring tool, we looked at existing software available to large brands. These products were effective at explaining what people were saying about a brand like ‘Starbucks’ but they didn’t provide insights into what people were saying about THE Starbucks in San Francisco at the corner of Market St. and Powell.

The solution was Brand Analytics, a tool that sits on top of our Reputation Monitoring product and rolls up reputation reports for managers with multiple locations.

Manage visibility across multiple regions and locations

Brand Analytics simplifies presence management for multi-location businesses by reporting coverage of all their major directory listings.

Track and compare reviews across the country

Today, a brand’s promise is no longer what it says it is, but rather what consumers say about their experiences when they write reviews. Brand Analytics can:

  • Show reviews as they are found
  • Reveal trending themes
  • Display differences in regional performance

Perfect for any size of operation, whether you have 5 locations or 500+

Brands is useful for small business owners and large brand managers alike. There is no limit on the amount of locations that can be added to reports.


Big brands live or die by the reputations of their individual locations. MyRepMgr offers such a wide variety of options for brand managers to examine their total online presence and make quick decisions on how to address issues and discrepancies.

  • Monitor and compare every location’s reviews
  • See how and where locations are listed (including directories, review sites, and social networks)
  • Compare stores’ performance across custom defined territories and regions