With the MyRepMgr Business Center – Give them more value with “D.I.F.M”

Local businesses love the idea of Reputation Management. They enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their listings are completely accurate, and seeing reviews helps them to continue improving their business. But there’s one major challenge: they’re starved for time. That’s why we allow MyRepMgr Resellers the ability to access all of their clients accounts in their own MyRepMgr Business Center Dashboard.

Being a MyRepMgr Concierge empowers resellers to provide Reputation Monitoring as a collaborative “Done-with-me” service or as a “Done-for-Me” service. As a source to provide even more value, you as a Business Client’s reseller, can hire: additional employees, a full service Marketing Agency, or do it yourself services to complete their “Done-For-Me” Social Media and Reputation Intelligence solution.

Why provide Concierge Services as a MyRepMgr Reseller

Enhance small businesses’ online visibility – Make them “Stickier” to the service

Help your businesses improve their search engine ranks by creating and correcting listings on important directory sites. The system automatically shows you where they’re listed, where the information is correct, and on which sources their information is missing.

Reputation Concierge Tasks

Reply to reviews and send for approval – “Make yourself indispensable”

Since you, the Reseller, will be able to see all of a local businesses’ reviews across 20+ top review sites and social networks; have them provide you or your team with the ability to write responses and submit them for approval directly to the SMB. Once a response has been approved, it can be posted any time.

DIWM Review Monitoring

Engage with social media fans and conduct efficient customer service – “Build a lasting relationship”

Whenever a customer posts something to one of your clients’ social profiles (i.e., Facebook wall, Google+ profile, @mention on Twitter, etc.), you as their MyRepMgr Concierge can address that person’s comment.

Reputation Concierge Tasks

Generate monthly reports that explain ongoing progress

Monthly reports provide transparency and show business owners exactly how much value you’re adding. These tear sheets outline all of the tasks that were completed and provide a continuous channel of communication that aims to reduce churn.

Wrap-up Reports

How Scalable is being a MyRepMgr Concierge?

If you are considering providing Concierge level service to hundreds —or even thousands — of businesses, let us provide you with some great resources:

Endless Rise: www.endlessrise.com – Comprehensive Marketing Outsourced Solutions

World Internet Marketing, Inc. : www.world-inet.comComprehensive Marketing Outsourced Solutions for Agencies of all sizes.


Salable Benefits

Being a MyRepMgr Concierge for your clients allows you to provide collaborative services over and above regular Reputation Monitoring. This alleviates many small businesses’ headaches and generates an additional revenue stream for the provider.

  • Eliminate businesses’ stress of dealing with daily reputation tasks
  • Sell it as an upgraded service that enhances value.
  • Send regular reports to show analysts’ progress
  • Maintain complete control over posts with an email approval system
  • Deliver the results of a professional SEO agency for a fraction of the price
  • Drive up your price point without dramatically increasing your workload