Presence Builder


Help Local Businesses Have a Strong Online Presence on All the Platforms Customers Use


Customers find local shopping information on many sources: business websites, online directories, search engines, and more. Enter Presence Builder, the only solution to take your local business clients from obscurity to a strong online presence.


Having an effective online presence requires you to be on a number of places:

  • Owned Media: your website, blog, landing pages, etc.
  • Earned media: review sites, search engines, listing directories, etc.
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.
  • Paid media: advertisements on search engines, social networks, etc.

A mobile-friendly or responsive site is incredibly important, and it is just the first step in the process. To really win in the digital age, your local business clients will need much more. That’s why we created Presence Builder, the only platform local businesses need to maintain a consistent, accurate and effective online presence.

With Presence Builder, you can provide your clients with the following key solutions:

Business Listing Distribution

Help local businesses optimize for local search by creating accurate listings on hundreds of different online sources. Through MyRepMgr’s affiliate partners, we work with all the four major listing data providers — Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup, and Neustar (Localeze) — which are trusted by 300+ listing directories from prominent networks such as Urbanspoon to major auto manufacturers using it in their navigation systems.

Location Page Builder

When mobile visitors come to a website, they’re usually looking for a couple key pieces of information: directions, store hours, phone numbers, and product information. Mobile and responsive websites make that information easy to find and navigate, and they look great on mobile devices.

However, custom responsive sites are expensive and few SMBs understand enough of web technologies to keep their pages up-to-date on their own. This is where Presence Builder Location Pages can help. Presence Builder lets you create responsive websites for your clients within minutes, and SMBs can keep their pages up-to-date without writing a single line of code.


Many SMBs still don’t have a website, let alone a unified, mobile-optimized presence. Even fewer understand how a mobile-friendly website and accurate online listings contribute to better ranking in local search. MyRepMgr provides an easy-to-use mobile and responsive website builder, and a top-of-the-line, automated business listing distribution solution.

  • 1. Mobile Optimized Location Page: Attractive layouts (including Responsive Design) feature large, finger-friendly buttons that make navigation a breeze. Plus, contact info is located right at the top where visitors can’t miss it.
  • 2. The Ultimate Listing Distribution Solution for SMBs: With all four data providers receiving accurate listing information, your clients will save valuable time maintaining an accurate online presence and citations that enhance local search rank.
  • 3. One Set of Common Data Everywhere: The same data that powers their mobile-friendly website will also be syndicated to all listing data providers, thus ensuring that listings are both accurate and consistent.