Business Listing Distribution Services




Business listings, or citations, are an important factor in local search engine optimization. Help SMBs become more visible online by ensuring their listings exist where they need to be and are consistent.

MyRepMgr’s, (through Vendasta), Listing Distribution service submits business listings to all the four major data providers: Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup, and Neustar (Localeze). Together, these data providers are referenced by over 300 online listing directories.

Why Do I Need This?

Consider that MyRepMgr and it’s affiliate partner, Vendasta, data analyzes 100,000 business locations:

  • The average business has 68 online listings
  • 41% of business listings have an inaccurate address
  • The average business has almost 3 different phone numbers across all of its listings

These businesses need your help, and they need it soon. As much as listings management is a challenge for SMBs, it is an opportunity for digital agencies to help SMBs while increasing their own revenues.

*Did you know?: The average business has over 3 different phone numbers in it’s listings!

Key Benefits of Accurate Business Listings

There are many obvious benefits of having accurate listing information, including consistent branding and accurate contact information so customers can find and connect with businesses. However, listings are key in search marketing optimization as well. Google considers these factors:

  • Number of citations
  • Accuracy and consistency of data in citations
  • Authority of websites where citations appear
  • Amount of user-generated content (UGC) on citations
  • Velocity of UGC generation


Why Choose MyRepMgr?

Wide Data Coverage

Similar listing distribution do not cover all the major data providers. The result is that search sites using data from omitted data providers do not get the most up-to-date information. With MyRepMgr’s solution, you can rest assured your customers will get optimum coverage through all the four major data providers.

Update Transparency

Other business listing distribution services leave you in the dark as to whether or not their service is actually working. We report on what the starting data is at each data provider and show when the core data providers have accepted the listing updates.

Single and Multi-Location Reporting

Few business listing services provide their own reporting dashboards. We provide analytics for locations as well as roll up reporting for multi-location brands.

Pricing That Makes Sense

There are several approaches to listings management and various pricing models. We strike a balance between scalability and affordability.

Salable Benefits

With the number of business listing directories exploding on the internet, SMBs have an increasingly hard time maintaining an accurate presence everywhere. Use our Listing Distribution service to ensure that your customers can get listed everywhere they need to be.

  • The Ultimate Listing Distribution Solution for SMBs: With all four data providers receiving accurate listing information, your clients will save valuable time maintaining an accurate online presence on all relevant sources.
  • Improved Local Search Rank: Help SMBs optimize their listings for three factors that impact local search rank: the number of online citations, the popularity of sources they appear on, and the consistency of listing information
  • One Set of Common Data Everywhere: The same data that powers Presence Builder Mobile Sites will also be syndicated to all listing data providers, thus ensuring that listings are both accurate and consistent