Competitive Benchmarking

Keeping on top of your competition used to be as easy as reading their ad in the local flier or driving past their storefront window. Online, it’s not that simple.

Businesses have profiles and campaigns all over the web. With Reputation Monitoring, it’s easy to monitor competition on Facebook, Twitter, and foursquare and see how your own business stacks up.

See how you compare with local search terms

Share of Voice shows businesses how often they appear for specific keywords compared to their competitors. If you owned this particular dental clinic, you can see that you should publish more blogs and web pages about “braces” to rank higher for that term.

Find out about competitors’ deals and social activity

Seeing a competitor’s social activity can provide insights on the best times to offer deals, share updates, and find out who’s checking in. It’s also helpful for seeing what kind of promotions are successful and applying it to your own campaigns.

Compare the most important social analytics

Reputation Monitoring cuts out meaningless analytics and focuses on the most important stats for local businesses. Compare weekly followers, share of audience, competitive reach, post frequency, and more.


Salable Benefits

Monitoring the competition is nothing new, but with Reputation Monitoring it’s easy to get a good look across the web and glean insights from your sworn enemies.

  • Compare local search terms and see which words you should be focusing on to rank higher
  • Monitor competitors’ social promotions so you know when to offer consumers better deals
  • Track Facebook, Twitter, and foursquare analytics closely, and benchmark yourself against multiple competitors