Visibility and Local Listings

Whether or not a business is listed consistently on web directories, review sites, and social networks will have a major impact on its search engine rank. Most businesses aren’t aware of just how many sites they’re listed on, and it’s common that these directories don’t provide customers with accurate information.

What is Presence Management and How Does it Help Businesses?

Presence management is making sure that customers can find the right information about a business online. Being listed correctly and consistently across directories, review sites, and social networks is crucial.How well a business ranks on search engines is influenced by the consistency of its listings across the internet.

The more consistent a business’s listings on sites like, Google+ Local, Dexknows, Judy’s Book, and others, the higher up on Google it will place. Fixing these listings is a minor chore with a major impact. The first Google result gets 53% of clicks, while the second receives only 15%.[1]

Monitor 40+ Directories and Industry Review Sites

Reputation Monitoring monitors a hefty majority of the online directories, review sites, and social sites where a business can be listed. Sources are specific to the business’s category, so whether you’re a restaurant on UrbanSpoon or car dealership on DealerRater, you’ll get the data you’re looking for.

Some of our competitors will claim they look at over 100 directory and review sources. A lot of these sites, however, have duplicated information, so businesses end up getting the same reviews or listings multiple times. By tracking core review sites and de-duplicating multiple finds, MyRepMgr gives businesses the key information they need without all the confusion.With Visibility, SMBs can be confident that potential customers can find them in local searches.


Salable Benefits

With 85% of consumers having searched for a business online at least once in the past year,[2] it’s clear that SMBs need to be listed correctly and consistently online. With MyRepMgr’s Reputation Monitoring tool, businesses can easily:

  • Check listings across the web and correct for inconsistencies
  • Ensure that a business is listed on the places where their customers are looking
  • Receive alerts and reminders to deal with missing and incorrect listings
  • Climb the search rank with improving the consistency of data